How to Clean a Bath Fitter Acrylic Bathtub

Bath Fitter acrylic surrounds and liners are quick way to resurface your bathtub. Whether the bathtub is old, outdated, chipping or stained, it can be covered over with a Bath Fitter surround. Like your old bathtub, your new surround will need to be cleaned periodically to remove dirt, soap scum and other grime. Clean it properly to ensure no damage is done to the acrylic.

1 Spray an all-purpose household cleaner all over the acrylic bathtub and surround. A variety of cleaners will work for cleaning your Bath Fitter tub. Choose any all-purpose cleaner you have handy. Cleaners containing bleach are safe to use on the acrylic.

2 Wipe the entire tub promptly with a clean rag. Do not let the cleaner sit on the surface for any length of time. For tough stains and soap scum, use a nonabrasive scrubbing pad.

3 Rinse the tub well with clean water. Dry with a clean rag to prevent water spots.