How to Install Bathtub Handles Series

Print this article Bathtub handles, often called "grab bars" help the elderly or disabled get in and out of the shower or bath tub. Because these bars are often the only things that help someone get out, it is important that they are securely fastened to the wall. Otherwise, an accident could occur. Installing a bathtub handle is not overly difficult but you must pay attention to the details to ensure you install it properly.

1 Check the building codes in your area to determine if a code requires a specific height or placement location for the bar. If not, mark the location with a grease pencil that works best for the person who will be using the bar the most. If you do have building codes, measure up from the bottom of the bathtub with a tape measure and mark the appropriate mounting location.

2 Locate the studs behind the wall with a stud finder and mark the center of the studs with a grease pencil. Measure the distance between stud centers with a tape measure and select a bar that matches the measurement.

3 Place the bar onto the bathtub wall where you marked your height, and center the bar between your studs. Mark the mounting hole locations onto the wall with a grease pencil.

4 Drill a pilot hole through each mark for the mounting holes using a carbide drill bit that measures half of the diameter of the screws supplied with the bar. Do not press hard with the drill bit as you drill. Let the drill bit do the work. This will prevent cracking any tiles while you drill through them.

5 Place a bead of caulk around the attachment bases of the bar, place the bar onto the wall of the bathtub and secure the bar to the wall with the supplied hardware. The caulk will keep water from getting into the wall.