How to Break Up a Cast Iron Tub

Cast iron tubs can become a nuisance when they are no longer needed or usable anymore. The problem is, they weigh several hundred pounds. The easiest and best way to get rid of them is to break them up into pieces, and get them to your local recycling plant. It will definitely take a little elbow grease, but the process of breaking up your cast iron tub is definitely doable with proper care and safety.

1 Put on glasses and gloves and your dust mask. Make sure everything fits securely and that you can easily move and breath.

2 Start breaking up the tub. Bring the sledgehammer down forcefully at the center of the side of the tub, which is the weakest point. This will break off a large chunk of cast iron. If you are not sure how resistant the tub will be, start out slowly so that you do not accidentally hurt yourself if the sledge hammer rebounds. You need to understand how the sledgehammer will respond after a blow before you really go to town on this tub.

3 Work around one edge of the tub. Working around the tub to the rear, hammer the edges where the previous cast iron pieces have broken off. Work all the way to the back. You will see that you are slowly breaking the edges of the tub down. Once you have made it to the back of the tub, start your way back toward the front.

4 Start breaking down another side. Now that one side has been broken up, go to the opposite side. If you are in a confined space and need to turn the tub, it should be light enough to turn now that one side has been broken off. Start at the center of the other side and continue the process you have just begun. As before, you will start off by breaking off a piece in the center of the side, then continue breaking down the tub from there.

5 Break apart the center piece. When you have finished knocking out all the sides, you'll have an indented center piece left. Flip this over, being careful because the edges may be sharp, and hammer it directly in the middle, which will be its weakest point. Pieces will break off until you have nothing but cast iron shards.

6 Determine how to dispose of the pieces. Many recycling facilities will accept cast iron, and some will even pick it up for you. Call your local facility and find out what your options are. Then you are all ready to recycle the pieces and get that cast iron tub out of your life.