How to: Install a Claw-foot enamel bathtub  Drain

Clawfoot tubs add an antique look to your bathroom. Little plumbing is needed for a clawfoot tub, except for a drain. It's imperative to install a floor drain to take the water from the tub drainpipes out of the house. A floor drain is not a DIY install. It should be done by professionals. The drain from the tub itself will come in a kit that screws together.

1 Turn off the water supply to the home at the main water valve. The valve is usually in the basement.

2 Apply some thread sealer to the threads of the pipe that connects to the shoe of the drain. Screw the shoe of the drain on to the pipe. Claw-foot enamel bathtub Tighten the pipe by hand, then tighten it 1/4 turn farther, using a strap wrench.

3 Place the shoe on the drain hole.

4 Mark the pipe of the trap adapter with a pencil or marker and cut the pipe to size, using a pipe cutter.

5 Remove the plug from the shoe by unscrewing it. Roll a 3/8-inch-thick snake of plumber's putty and place it on the bottom of the plug. Put a washer on top of the shoe.

6 Place the washer portion of the shoe at the bottom of the drain hole of the tub. Insert the drain plug through the top of the tub and screw it down.

7 Connect the tailpiece to feet provided, using a wrench, then connect the tailpiece to the shoe.

8 Connect the overflow tube to the tub by inserting into its hole and tightening down the cover.

9 Connect the drain piping to the piping for the drain, using a wrench.