How to Epoxy a claw-foot cast iron bathtub

The claw-foot cast iron bathtubused to be everyone's favorite, but nowadays the clawfoot tubs are considered vintage. They were once constructed primarily from cast iron, but more recent tubs are made from acrylic. The clawfoot tub dates back to the 11th century BC, yet the pedestal tubs, with deep tub bodies, were traced even earlier. The clawfoot tubs are used more for decoration than for bathing, although with more modern plumbing techniques emerging, the clawfoot tub is once again being bathed in. Fixing a clawfoot tub requires a proper mixing of epoxy. Read through the following steps to learn how.

1 Prepare the cracked surface of the clawfoot bathtub. Clean it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and a sponge. Make sure the area is completely dry.

2 Mix the epoxy acrylic sealer (see Resources) on an applicator pad with a small metal spatula. Make sure it is mixed well.

3 Apply the epoxy to the crack in the clawfoot bathtub using the spatula. Spread the epoxy out evenly over the area.

4 Allow the first layer of epoxy to cure for two to four hours. The curing time will decrease in warm weather.

5 Apply a second coat of epoxy acrylic sealer to the first coat and let it cure overnight.