How to Clean Old Bath Tubs

Old bath tubs get dirty, and it is hard to feel clean in a dirty old bath tub. If you are moving into an older home that hasn't been used in a while, the bath tub may need a good, solid cleaning. Sometimes basic cleaners do not sufficiently clean old bath tubs. Fortunately, there is still hope for your dirty old bath tub.

1 Clean the tub with a non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid using rough or scouring cleaners, Enamel Cast Iron Bathtub as they can leave small scratches in your tub that will collect dirt and require deeper cleaning in the future.

2 Rinse out the tub with water and locate the tough stains that remain in the tub.
3 Rub toothpaste into the stains and allow it to sit for one hour. Use a soft brush to work the toothpaste into the stains, then rinse.

4 For large stained areas, use shampoo rather than toothpaste. Choose a shampoo that's designed for oily hair. Apply that shampoo as you would the toothpaste (Step 3).

5 Mix 4 tbsp. of flour, 4 tbsp. of white vinegar and 8 tbsp. of peroxide in a large bowl. Put on protective rubber gloves and apply the mixture to remaining stains. Wait four to five hours, then work the paste in with the brush. Rinse the tub with clean water.