Information for Refinishing a Claw Foot Tub

Incorrectly refinishing a clawfoot tub can scuff or ruin an otherwise expensive antique. Clawfoot tubs require certain techniques to maintain not only their functional capabilities but also the smooth appearance of the porcelain. Correctly refinishing a clawfoot tub ensures you protect your investment because over time, a clawfoot tub becomes exactly that, an investment. It also ensures you can add old-world charm to your home, perhaps one of the finer touches of a hand-drawn bath.

1 Remove all knobs and accessories like brass knobs, steel drain, and faucet using the crescent wrench.

2 "Burnish" (sand) the tub's entire outer and inner surfaces using the variable-speed sander set to the lowest speed. Low speed ensures you do not remove more mass than necessary, Luxurious Bathtub which can create pits or valleys.

3 Cover all exposed metal threads or fixtures with blue painter's masking tape.

4 Dry the entire tub using your hairdryer.

5 Dab hydrofluoric acid gel onto the porcelain using the 2-inch paintbrush. The gel will eat away at the porcelain, so the new enamel paint will adhere. Make sure to wear your leather gloves.

6 Apply two coats of matching enamel paint to the clawfoot tub using the 6-inch paintbrush starting from the inside and working your way outside. Allow 48 to 72 hours drying time between coats.

7 Remove the blue painter's masking tape.

8 Reattach knobs and accessories using the crescent wrench.