Repair Shower Tray

Most Shower Tray are made of fiberglass because it is a lightweight and durable material. Fiberglass also contains water and moisture as well if the surface has not been compromised. The most common problem that occurs with shower trays is that with use and the application of cleaning chemicals they can become cracked. If this happens, they can leak, causing damage to bathroom flooring and other parts of the home. You can repair a shower tray using the proper materials and procedure.

1 Dry the shower tray by letting it set unused for least 24 hours prior to attempting the repair. Feel the surface and ensure that it is completely dry to the touch.

2 Mix the epoxy from the fiberglass repair kit with the hardening agent in an empty coffee can according to the instructions on the kit. Use a paint stirrer to mix the two ingredients.

3 Cut the fabric from the kit into strips large enough to cover the area being repaired and a half-inch beyond it in all directions. Use a pair of scissors to cut the fabric. Cut three strips for each area being repaired.

4 Brush the epoxy mixture onto the damaged area using a 2-inch paintbrush. Enamel Cast Iron Bathtub Cover the area completely with the mixture and overlap the area around the damaged part by a half an inch in all directions.

5 Lay one of the cut strips of fabric on the epoxy mixture and ensure it is flat without wrinkles or ridges. Brush a layer of epoxy onto the fabric and lay another piece of fabric on top with the weave of the fabric running in the opposite direction as the first one. Brush on more epoxy, lay the last piece of fabric on top and apply a final layer of epoxy over it. Allow the repair to dry for 24 hours before using the shower.