Types of Claw Foot Tubs

Claw foot tubs are a lasting remnant of vintage bathroom style, but what many homeowners looking to remodel their bathroom may not know is that claw foot tubs are far from standard. Those looking to recapture a charming vintage style in the bathroom should shop for their claw foot tub carefully, Double slipper cast iron bathtub and weigh all available options before selecting the right claw foot bathtub for their bathroom space.

The traditional rolled-rim claw foot tubs are slightly elongated on the end where the user reclines, while the end with the drain is not. The drain on this style tub is normally at the end opposite the elongated end. This style bathtub, with its rolled rim, allows bathers to easily slip in and out of the tub without concerns about sharp edges. This style claw foot tub is still available but not limited to both cast iron and acrylic materials.

Slipper Tub
Like the traditional claw foot bathtub, the slipper tub features a rolled edge for bathing comfort. This style claw foot bathtub features a high, substantially elongated back for the bather's comfort. Like the rolled-rim tub, the slipper tub's drain is most often at the end opposite the sloping end. This style tub is available in cast iron and acrylic. Both vintage and modern slipper tubs are available.

Double Rolled-Rim
The double rolled-rim claw foot bathtub has two round, elongated ends. This differs from the traditional rolled-rim tub in that the traditional rolled-rim tub features only one rounded end, while the other end is more square-like. In the double rolled-rim tub, the drain is usually set at the bathtub's middle, near the tub's side. The faucet is, likewise, positioned in the middle of the tub for ease of use. This style tub is available in both vintage and modern styles, in cast iron, porcelain, glass, marble and acrylic materials.

Double Slipper Tub
Double slipper tubs are claw foot tubs that are similar to double rolled-rim tubs in that they have two rounded ends. Like the single slipper tub, this tub features substantially sloping ends with a drain at the center. The sides on the vintage double slipper tub are rolled, like other styles of claw foot tubs, for bather's comfort and safety. Modern double slipper tubs are available without the rolled edge in a variety of materials including glass and marble.

The feet on most claw foot tubs are made to resemble those of an animal's paws, though other styles are available. Claw foot tub feet are metal material, but finish and design is dependent upon the person purchasing the tub. According to Country Living Magazine, "Manufacturers often sell the feet separately so that you can choose the style and finish," which allows for greater customization during vintage bathroom remodeling projects.