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How to Buy a Used Cast Iron Tub
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How to Buy a Used Cast Iron Tub


How to Buy a Used Cast Iron Tub
Used cast iron tubs are generally period pieces, often used in renovation projects for older homes.

Tubs are selected because of styling. Free-standing tubs are most commonly made of cast iron.

Vintage models may also be floor mounted, not free standing.

Locating a suitable piece and transporting the tub are the most challenging aspects of buying a used cast iron tub.

The claw-foot tub type is the most popular and common example.

What to Look for
1 Size matters. Measure the space where the tub will be placed. Measure doorways to make sure the tub can be moved through them and into the bathroom space.

2 The tub should not be cracked or structurally damaged. All four feet and mounting hardware, if the tub is a claw or ball-and-claw foot, should be with the tub.

3 The porcelain lining the inside of the tub should be intact. Porcelain resurfacing is a highly skilled task and can be expensive. It is best left to a professional.

Small chips around the edges or lips may be "rounded" or sanded off after purchase. These imperfections may be acceptable.

Stains, which can be removed with cleaners or by bleaching, may also be acceptable.

4 Measure the drain hole to ensure the existing hardware will fit the tub. Many old tubs were made using standards (location of taps, hole sizes and shapes) prior to modern fixture manufacturing. Finding such replacement parts can be extremely difficult and expensive.

Fixtures may need to be retrofitted with modern fixtures. Hole sizes should support modern fixture sizes.

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