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How to Recycle an Old Cast Iron Bathtub
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How to Recycle an Old Cast Iron Bathtub


How to Recycle an Old Cast Iron Bathtub

If you are finding that you like living in older homes, you may also find that you don't like dealing with the cast iron bathtubs that often chip, and even after refinishing, present the dilemma of keeping them clean, without using abrasives. So, you decide to get a tub, shower inclusion, and are left with a 300 pound tub. What are the options?

1 If possible, remove the cast iron bathtubs in one piece. This will allow you the option of selling it or donating it to a farmer, who uses it to water his animals in the field.

2 If you have to break it into pieces, you can sell it to a steel recycling plant who will pay you a minimal fee to take it.

3 You can use it as a planter in a woodland garden. Picture it surrounded the base with any large "Hosta" and filled it with various colors and sizes of potted annuals.

4 Though somewhat juvenile, I've seen college BBQs use a cast iron bathtubs, with lots of ice to chill the beer!

5 Also not of my taste, thee are several homes in this area, who tip a tub upright and use it as a home for a statue!

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