How to Build Luxury Bathtub
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How to Build Luxury Bathtub


Building a new bathroom usually means simply installing the necessary fixtures, electrical fittings, masonry and accessories. Ample options for purchasing these items exist in home centers, online shopping sites and in any department store. For homeowners who decide to build a luxury bathroom, extra planning, careful shopping and attention to each detail of the bathroom's construction will result in a luxurious bathroom that can become one of the home's most attractive rooms. Keep the following ideas and tips in mind when preparing to construct a luxury bathroom.

1 Decide on the design of the Luxury Bathtub. Consult with an architect to plan out the bathroom space. Look in interior decorating books, magazines or websites that display design ideas for ideas. If the luxury bathroom is part of an entire home construction project, the bathroom's size, shape, plumbing and electrical placements can be incorporated into the general architectural plan of the house. If the luxury bathroom's construction will be a remodeling of an existing bathroom, the design plan must consider the existing placement of electrical wiring and plumbing Alternately, the plan (and budget) must include the possibility of ripping out pipes and wiring out to allow for repositioning of the new fixtures.

2 Prepare the luxury bathroom's construction budget. Include all supplies and materials for the remodeling job in the budget. Add in the necessary electrical and plumbing work, masonry and carpentry finish work.

3 Think about any work you can do to build the luxury bathroom and which work professional tradesmen must do. Electrical and plumbing work should go to experienced, licensed electricians and plumbers; but you can wallpaper or paint your luxury bathroom, as well as painting or glazing the bathtub. Many homeowners prefer to leave these jobs to the builders, but some undertake these tasks themselves.

4 Hire a contractor or the relevant subcontractors. Contractors will employ their own workers to do the construction work involved in building a luxury bathroom. Alternately, a contractor will take responsibility to subcontract sections of the building project to skilled workmen. The homeowner may decide to take on responsibility for bringing in subcontractors to build the luxury bathroom, as needed. Each subcontractor (such as the carpenter, mason and electrician) will need to be brought in at his stage of the project to complete his portion of the project.

5 Ask contractors (or subcontractors) for estimates to build the luxury bathroom. Obtain a minimum of three estimates from each contractor, or from each subcontractor for his portion of the project. Make sure that the selected contractor holds a state contractor's license. Lists of licensed contractors appear on the Internet. Alternately, ask other homeowners who have built a luxury bathroom for suggestions of good contractors or subcontractors. Check out other luxury bathrooms that the contractors or subcontractors have built. Speak to the homeowners where they worked to ask for their impressions.

6 Research your preferred luxury items. Smart toilets provide a heated toilet seat, automatic seat opening and closing and automatic washing and drying. "Green sinks" offer environmentally-friendly, water-saving electronic faucet control that regulates water usage. Bathtubs can become luxurious spa-type tubs, with stream jets, water massages and whirlpools. Tanning showers, bidets, saunas and Jacuzzis all add to the options of a luxury bathroom. Other luxury additions may include heated floors, wine coolers, TV mirrors, towel-warming drawers and electronic window blinds.

7 Purchase the new tiles, fixtures, cabinetry, wallpaper, paint and accessories (including towel racks, soap dishes, shower curtains) for the luxury bathroom. Specialty shops sell luxury bathroom items. Additionally, fixtures and other items for a luxury bathroom appear on a number of retail websites. Work with the house architect or interior designer when purchasing these items to ensure that they will fit in well with the overall plan of the luxury bathroom..

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