Recycling Your Old Cast Iron Bathtub
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Recycling Your Old Cast Iron Bathtub


Recycling Your Old Cast Iron Bathtub

An old cast iron bathtub can provide a rustic look to your bathroom making it a rather unique one. However, an old tub needs a lot of work to be restored to its original condition especially if it lacked proper maintenance for a long time. Here are some basic steps which you should follow to recycle your old cast iron bathtub and bring it back in a perfect condition.

Start by scraping off all the old caulking around the bathtub edges and cover the flange with a plastic bag or else replace it if it? too damaged. It's recommended to do this job outside, but if you wish to restore the tub in place without removing it, make sure to remove any decorations, pictures and rugs out of the way and cover everything else with some painters plastic. Cover also the floor and secure the plastic with some masking tape. Open any windows in order to help provide better ventilation and make sure to use suitable safety gear while working.

Cleaning the Bathtub
Go to a home improvement store and buy a refinishing kit which you will need for you tub. Use the tub cleaner from the kit to clean your iron bathtub thoroughly, from top to bottom. Make sure that you scrub every spot of the tub and then rinse with water. If necessary, give another scrub to remove any remaining dirt spots and then dry the tub completely. Instead of the tub cleaner you can even use some vinegar to clean the tub.

Sanding your old bathtub is very important since cast iron can develop a lot of calcium and this is very difficult to remove. So use a sander and the sandpaper that comes with your refinishing kit and pass all over the bathtub to sand it down. Once ready, use a hand broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust particles.

Primer Reducer
Follow the kit instructions and use the primer reducer to remove anything left after the cleaning and sanding steps. Cover the tub faucets and the shower head or if possible consider removing them and store for use later. Switch on your ventilation system and wear a respirator and a pair of goggles.

Apply the Primer
Mix the primer according to the instructions and use a paint gun to coat the tub. Remember to spray the tub both from the inside and the outside and try to move your hand in an even pattern. Wash the paint gun thoroughly so that it will be ready for the top coat and leave the tub to dry for 24 hours.

Finish the Bathtub
Once the primer is completely dry, you can start spraying the top coat. Use the same method as with the primer and once again leave to dry as requested. Finally you can install the faucets and the shower head or else buy some new ones if they are damaged. Connect all the remaining pipes and remove the painters plastic.

That? it. Now you should have a wonderful cast iron bathtub in which you can spend some relaxation time after a hard day of work. You will surely be amazed with your new bathtub since it will eventually look as good as new..

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