How to Collect Wash Basins
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How to Collect Wash Basins


Collecting wash-basins is a unique hobby that can have lucrative rewards. They were a staple household good worldwide until the invention of modern plumbing. Collections formed around one particular type are common as are collections consisting of many kinds of basins created from different materials.


There are metal basins most often referred to as graniteware or enamelware. There are basins of china and porcelain. There are antique and vintage sink basins, some fetching very expensive prices. They can also have cultural and ethnic purposes, such as Jewish hand wash basins, and collecting around a theme can make for a unique collection.


1 Determine the focus of your collection. Are you drawn to delicate china basins? Can you afford antique or vintage basins? Research online or by looking through collector's catalogs. Browse on ebay to get an idea of the different kinds of wash-basins available. Collect what appeals to you the most. Build a collection based on the flowers painted on the basin, or the color of the basin.


2 Purchase the basins you have decided to collect. Enamelware collectors like the thrill of the hunt when they are shopping and collecting pieces. There are enamelware basins in blues, greens, reds, and even rarer, purples, all speckled with blacks, whites or grays.


3 Display your wash basins. They can be displayed upright on large plate or saucer stands; adjustable plastic ones can be had inexpensively. Basins can also be stacked from largest to smallest if space is at a premium. China cupboards, sideboards, buffets and shelves are all good alternatives to display your wash basins.


4 Arrange the wash-basins in a pleasing way. Group the basins according to size or color. Arrange larger ones behind the smaller ones so that all of your basins are easily viewable. Because they were typically used in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, the locations of your collection displays can be in almost any room of the house.


5 Contact an insurance agent to appraise and insure your collection. Even bargain hunters eventually amass collections worth quite a lot of money. Imagine how heartbroken you'll feel if something were to happen to your long-sought after collection built over many years. Many collectors are amazed to discover how much their collection is actually worth. Don't leave your collection to chance. Most homeowner policies cover only so much for theft and damage. A rider clause is often had for a few extra dollars a month, but a lot of peace of mind.


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