How to Fix Chipped Enamel on a Bathtub
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How to Fix Chipped Enamel on a Bathtub


How to Fix Chipped Enamel on a Bathtub

Your bathtub is a large investment in your home and bathroom. Over time, the enamel can become scratched from use. Something heavy dropped on the finish also can chip your enamel, which eventually can cause surface rust from the exposed metal. The enamel can be repaired easily, eliminating the need to replace your bathtub or call in a repairman. The finish will not be perfect on a self repair, but it will save you money.

Small Scratches
1 Lightly sand the scratch in the enamel with a fine grit sand paper. Sand gently by hand with a 400 to 600 grit paper to smooth the rough edges.

2 Clean the dust from the chip in the bathtub using a soft rag and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Dampen one corner of a soft, clean, washcloth and rub in a circular motion to remove all traces of dust.

3 Apply a small amount of epoxy based paint to the scratch using a small paint brush. Use the same color of paint as your tub.

4 Wait an hour and apply a second coat. Additional coats may be needed. Allow one hour between each coat.

Large Chips
1 Sand the edges of the chip with fine grit sandpaper.

2 Wash the area with alcohol. The chip should be clean and lint free.

3 Coat the back of the chipped piece of enamel with epoxy resin. Place the enamel piece into the chipped enamel and hold for about a minute to allow it to adhere.

4 Tape the piece in place and wait an hour before removing the tape.

5 Paint any chips in the paint with epoxy based paint and allow it to dry for an hour.

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