How Do You Install a Bathtub Drainage Plug?
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How Do You Install a Bathtub Drainage Plug?


How Do You Install a Bathtub Drainage Plug?

Experienced homeowners know that maintenance is a fact of life. This holds true for bathtub plugs which will wear out and need to be replaced every so often. A worn bathtub plug can affect how efficiently water is contained and how quickly it drains.

1 Grasp and lift the drain stopper with the pliers.

2 Twist the drain counter-clockwise to loosen it from the rocker arm. Twisting too hard can damage the rocker arm.

3 Discard the old plug and check the rubber seal around the drain. If the seal is damaged or worn, replace it. If the seal is in poor shape, you may need to use the razor blade to remove all traces of it before installing the new seal.

4 Remove any hair or debris from the drain. Use the wire brush to clean out dirt and grime.

5 Screw the new stopper on to the top of the rocker arm and let it fall back into the drain.

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