Leg Types of Clawfoot Tubs
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Leg Types of Clawfoot Tubs


Leg Types of Clawfoot Tubs

Originally produced in the 1880s, cast-iron tubs were paired with hundreds of feet styles, in several different finishes. From contemporary simple to classically ornate, modern homeowners can select the exact foot style desired to create the perfect bathroom.

Ball Feet
These feet are simple balls, flaring up to plain flanges that cradle the tub.

Paw or Lion Paw Feet
These feet resemble lion paws standing on the ground.

Ball and Claw Feet
These feet show a bird's talon holding onto the top of a ball. The flange is often small but showy.

Imperial Feet
These feet are also ball and claw feet, with larger and more ornate flanges.

Monarch Imperial Feet
The talons on these ball and claw feet are more detailed, with very large and ornate flanges.

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