Paint Acrylic Bathtubs
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Paint Acrylic Bathtubs


Paint Acrylic Bathtub

1 Remove dirt and soapy residue from the acrylic bathtub, using a heavy-duty cleaning agent. Scour the surface with a coarse sponge. Rinse the acrylic bathtub thoroughly, or the primer will not stick. Wait for the tub to dry.

2 Scour the acrylic bathtub with 220- to 300-grit sandpaper to stimulate surface adhesion.

3 Cover all areas surrounding the cleaned acrylic bathtub with plastic dropcloths. Tape the dropcloths in place with blue, low-tack painter's tape.

4 Spray a coat of acrylic latex spray primer onto the abraded acrylic bathtub. Wait at least three hours for the spray primer to dry.

5 Spray a coat of appliance epoxy onto the primed tub. Wait a full day before using the tub.

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