Shower Tray Fitting Instructions
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Shower Tray Fitting Instructions


Shower Tray Fitting Instructions

Shower trays can be used on all types of tubs and showers. These trays are used as a kind of flooring to cover the original marble, stone or ceramic of your tub. They can be installed easily without the help of a professional. You can have one ready to use within less than a day. You can fit your tray with a few everyday products that can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

1 Wipe clean and dry the floor of the shower before you start to fit it with your tray.

2 Place the tray in your shower to get an idea of the difference between the curves in the shower tray and the curves of your tub floor. Place the tray with the pre-cut drain hole lined up with the tub drain.

3 Attempt to flatten the tray onto the surface and notice the spots where there is room between the tray and the tub. You will need to fill these spots to maintain the natural curve of the tray.

4 Fill the empty spots with sand, and replace and remove your shower tray until you have smoothed out the surface underneath the tray.

5 Use the leveling tool to make sure the tray is level, and then replace it and cover the bottom with silicone sealant. Place the tray back into the shower and smooth it into the location to allow the sealant to stick to the sand underneath.

6 Allow a few hours for the sealant to dry and the fitting will be completed..

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