Tips for Fitting a Shower Tray
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Tips for Fitting a Shower Tray


Tips for Fitting a Shower Tray

A shower tray is the piece of flooring that covers the bottom of most shower stalls; it is most often made of stone resin. You don't need to hire a professional to install your shower tray as long as you follow the standard protocol and keep in mind a few very basic tips.

The bottoms of nearly all shower trays are sloped or curved in some manner so that water will easily run down the drain, without any extra help from you. Because of this inherent slope or curve, you should take extra care in making sure your shower tray is perfectly level when you install it. Check before you permanently attach it by using a level.

Thorough Coat
When you're ready to adhere the shower tray to its base, make sure that you turn the tray over and coat the entire bottom of it with your adhesive, which may be silicone sealant or a "dry-pack" mortar of sand, cement and a little water. Dabbing bits of adhesive to the sides, corners and center of the bottom of the shower tray will create an unstable foundation. Cover the bottom of the tray completely instead.

One of the most important parts of the installation is making sure that you create a waterproof seal between the shower tray, the ground and the sides of the shower. You don't want moisture or water getting trapped underneath or around the tray--it could cause a host of problems that could eventually spread to the rest of the house. Make sure that you coat the areas where the shower tray meets the sides of the shower and the top edges of the tray with silicone sealant..

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