Decorating Accessories for the Rim of a Bathtub
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Decorating Accessories for the Rim of a Bathtub


Decorating Accessories for the Rim of a Bathtub

Bathtubs typically provide a focal point for a bathroom, especially if the bathroom is outfitted with a large soaking tub. Although bathtubs have a variety of designs and shapes, owners can add personal style and splash of color by incorporating bathtub rim accessories. Such decorations are a fun way to add personality to the bathroom or to enhance the appearance of this room for guests or potential homebuyers.

1 Place artificial flowers along the bathtub rim. Arrange flowers so the tip of the bud touches the bottom half of the flower in front of it. This creates a solid rim of flowers along the bathtub, which becomes the focal point of the fixture.

2 Secure at least a dozen red roses upside down by taping their stems to a wall or cabinet for a gothic bathtub rim decoration. Bathtub Handle Series Allow the roses to dry for one to three weeks. Wait to move the flowers until its petals are stiff to the touch. Position the dried red roses in the same pattern as the artificial flowers. Change out the roses every two weeks.

3 Gather small toy figurines, such as action figures or cars, and place them along the bathtub rim. Put a flat marble, such as those fond in fish bowls or glass vases, between each figurine. Bathtub Drainage This is a quirky way to decorate a bathtub, especially for a child's bathroom.

4 Purchase 10 small candles in a shade that matches the color scheme of the bathroom. Each candle should measure at least 4 inches tall. Bathtub Leg Place candles with at least two inches of space between them. Weave a string of fake pearls between the candles to add class and a touch of sophistication to a bathroom, especially one for guests.

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