Remove a Cast or Steel Bathtub
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Remove a Cast or Steel Bathtub


Remove a Cast or Steel Bathtub

Cast iron or steel tubs were once the standard in bathrooms, but thanks to the advent of modern materials they have been relegated to vintage status. Many older homes going through renovations still contain these heavy tubs, which can leave the home or property owner faced with the dilemma on removing the tub from the premises. While it may be hard work, removing the tub yourself may help save money on the renovation project.

1 Locate and turn off the main water supply to the home or just to the tub itself. Strip away any caulking in or around the tub with a putty knife. Steel Enamel Bathtub Disconnect the piping around the tub as well as the faucet and related fixtures with an adjustable wrench. to allow plenty of room to work and to avoid damaging anything beyond the tub itself.

2 Don your safety gear including eye, nose and mouth and ear protection. Smash the wall studs with a 10-pound sledgehammer if the tub is "sealed", meaning the sides are enclosed in tiling. Smash the tiling as well to access to the flange on the underside of the tub. Obviously this step doesn't apply for claw-footed tubs.

3 Drape a wet bed sheet over the tub. Strike center of the side of the tub that's immediately facing you with the sledgehammer. Strike it hard enough to hear an audible crack, meaning the tub has split in the center. Strike the middle of the floor of the tub, if need be, to continue the crack onto the other side of the tub or hit the opposite side as well. The wet bed sheet will cut down on the amount of dust and debris in the air.

4 Use the hammer to split the tub pieces into smaller, more manageable pieces to make moving the tub pieces easier. Haul the tub pieces to a scrap yard, dump or recycling center if one is in your area..

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