How to Install Bathtub Leg
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How to Install Bathtub Leg


How to Install Bathtub Leg

A claw bathtub, often called a clawfoot tub, doesn’t have a flat bottom like most modern bathtubs. Instead, the tub has small legs that raise it off the floor. Acrylic Bathtub Claw bathtubs also don’t mount against a wall in the bathroom, but stand freely at any location around the room. Like most bathtubs, a claw tub is heavy, and you must take care when installing it to prevent damage to the floor or the tub.

1 Put a soft blanket or rug down on the floor and lay the bathtub upside down on the covered surface. Place each foot of the claw bathtub over the provided screw hole on the bottom of the tub and turn the leg so that the curve of the leg lines up with the curve of the bathtub. Use the screws provided with the feet to attach the feet to the tub.

2 Turn the bathtub right-side up with at least one person to support the weight of the tub at each end. Set the bathtub right-side up on the floor. Be careful not to slide it, which may cause scratches.

3 Measure the distance between the claw feet of the bathtub. Put tub coasters down on the floor at the measured distances in the location where you want to put the bathtub.

4 Lift the bathtub and set it down into the coasters on the floor. If you don’t get a leg into a coaster the first time, lift that end of the tub again and slide the coaster over beneath the foot before lowering it.

5 Hold the main part of the faucet that you have for the claw bathtub inside the tub against the hole provided in the tub. Place the back plate of the faucet on the other side of the bathtub, according to the instructions included with the faucet hardware, and attach the back plate to the faucet with screws to secure it in place.

6 Connect the plumbing that extends from the wall for the bathtub to the faucet using the tubing, washers and nuts provided with the faucet. Steel Enamel Bathtub Apply pipe tape to all ridges on piping to create a tight seal before connecting the piping with hardware.

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