Install a Cast-Iron Claw Foot Bathtub
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Install a Cast-Iron Claw Foot Bathtub


Install a Cast-Iron Claw Foot Bathtub

Installing a cast-iron claw foot tub enhances the appearance of your bathroom by adding old world charm. These bathtubs are durable, attractive and popular upgrades when buying or selling a home nearly anywhere in the country. Cast Iron Bathtub Roughcast The installation process is simple, albeit labor intensive. Lifting and installing such a heavy tub is cumbersome and not a task one person should complete without a helper.

1 Move the tub into the location where you intend to leave it. Prepare the floor underneath the tub by laying approximately 12 inches of foam padding that the tub can rest on before installing the feet.

2 Match the feet to each lug in the tub. The feet that were included with the tub will rest on the floor like claws. For example, the right front foot will angle outward and toward the right, while the left back foot will angle outward and toward the back. Enamel Cast Iron Bathtub Test the fit of each foot in the corresponding space to discern the correct placement. In some cases the lugs are labeled, making this part much easier. If this is the case, simply match up the marked lug with the correct opening per the information provided with the tub itself.

3 Place the foot bolt on each lug. Slide the narrow side of the bolt into the lug. The bolt should be secure but allow enough movement to account for adjustments during the installation process.

4 Slide the foot onto the bolt. The foot should be snug and flush against the wall of the tub. Using your hands, tighten the foot bolt until it is flush. If the bolt feels loose or wobbly, secure the bolt using a wrench. Repeat this process for each foot on the tub.

5 Lift the tub off the padding and place the tub on the floor. Check that all bolts are secure by trying to move them with your hands. Try wiggling the feet on the tub; if any bolts appear loose, tighten them with a wrench.

6 Attach the supply lines for hot and cold water to the tub. These lines will be preexisting if you removed a tub and easily identified as pliable hoses. Luxurious Bathtub Connect the drain for the tub to the existing drainpipe with a wrench. Use the assembly included with the tub, align the drain over the drain in the wall or floor, then connect the pipe extending from the tub directly to the drain.

7 Once all plumbing fixtures are attached, turn the tub on and check for leaks near the feet of the tub. If the tub fills with water and is free from leaks, your work is done. If leaks are present, revisit the nut and bolt assembly for the feet and tighten the connections with a wrench.

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