How to Clean a Bathtub Drainage (Lift and Turn Type)
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How to Clean a Bathtub Drainage (Lift and Turn Type)


How to Clean a Bathtub Drainage (Lift and Turn Type)

Bathtub Drainage get clogged up over time due to the accumulation of hair, soap scum, and other debris that get caught in the drain. When you notice that it takes longer to drain the water from your tub, it is time to clean it. There are different types of tub drain. One of the most common is the "lift and turn" type. The following steps will show you how to unclog your lift and turn type bathtub drain fast and easy. Read on.

1 Drain the tub completely before proceeding with the succeeding steps.

2 Lift the drain plug and locate the screw under the lip of the plug. If you can't see the screw, use a mirror to find it and determine what kind of screw it is.

3 Get the right tool such as screwdriver or Allen wrench to loosen the screw and remove the plug.

4 Once you remove the plug, you will see a split divider with a rod in the middle. Around the rod, you will find the debris being collected that is clogging the drain.

5 Use your fingers, screwdriver, needle nose pliers, or clothes hanger wire to pull the debris out slowly until the drain is cleared.

6 Let hot water run for 10 minutes to clean the drain better.

7 Before putting the drain plug back, check the gasket around the plug for wear and tear if it needs to be replaced. This may be the perfect time to replace it or you can wait to do it later.

8 Put the drain cap back and turn the water on to test how fast the water is draining out the tub. Once your drain is free of debris, the water will drain fast without problem.

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