How to Remove Bathtub Handle Series
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How to Remove Bathtub Handle Series


How to Remove Bathtub Handle Series

Bathtub Handle Series can become unattractive because of heavy use over time. Constant water and soap accumulation can dull the handles, and even the best housekeeper cannot make them look much better. When this happens, it is time to replace the handles. Before you install new handles, the old handles must be removed. This task will take just a few minutes and requires no special tools.

1 Pry off the button cap in the center of the tub handle, if the handle has one, using a flat-blade screwdriver. If there's a screw in the center of the handle, there's no button cap.

2 Turn off the supply of water to the tub, either using the tub shutoff valve or the valve to the entire house. This is important because if the water supply is not shut off, water will spray out once the handles are removed.

3 Unscrew the screw at the center of the handles with the flat-head screwdriver and remove the handles. The handles should pull off easily, but twist a little harder if they stick.

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