How to Fix an Acrylic Bathtub
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How to Fix an Acrylic Bathtub


How to Fix an Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic Bathtub have been the savior of many a home building or remodeling venture as their cost, when compared to their porcelain counterparts, makes many a project doable on a tight budget. Knowing how to fix an acrylic tub will help keep your bathroom looking just as fantastic as it was when installed. Fortunately, since the color of your acrylic tub is not just a surface coating but is cast into the actual tub, repairing scratches and surface cracks is easy. You can fix an acrylic tub in an afternoon with next to no special tools.

1 Feel the scratch with your fingertip. If the scratch is shallow, apply some TR Gel-Gloss One Step Cleaner and Polisher to a clean rag and buff the area using a circular motion until the scratch is no longer visible. If the scratch or crack is deeper than just the surface, go to the next step.

2 Wrap a piece of 1500 grit sandpaper around your sanding block and wet the sandpaper with water. Sand the scratch or crack down until it is no longer visible. Make sure you are not following just the lines of the damage, but sand the surface around it, too, so the sanded portion is even and does not form a channel.

3 Wipe any grit off your sanded area.

4 Apply Turtle Wax Polishing Compound (note: do not use the auto wax of the same brand but the polishing compound only) to the applicator sponge included with the can and rub over the surface using small circular movements. Wait 15 minutes and then buff to a high shine with a clean rag.

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