About Antique Claw-foot enamel bathtub
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About Antique Claw-foot enamel bathtub


About Antique Claw-foot enamel bathtub

You haven't enjoyed a "real" bubble bath until you've tried one in an antique claw-foot tub. Modern bath tubs are often shallow imitations of the old models, made just before the turn of the 20th century. If you are a bath person, you know having a deep, comfortable tub is nirvana. The claw-foot tub is just that. They can still be found in older homes, in their original spot. However, they can also be found in salvage yards and even on the Internet (see Resources).

The first Claw-foot enamel bathtub was produced by American Standard, which is still doing business. This tub was made of cast iron, with a white enamel finish.

The enamel on these claw-foot tubs chipped easily. It was a hindrance in the early days. However, they can easily be resurfaced today.

Cast iron is a heavy material, which made the tubs difficult to move. Usually it required a few people to move them. There was also a need to install additional floor joists under the bathroom where the claw-foot tub would sit.

Buying an antique claw-foot tub today can cost little or as much as several thousand dollars. It all depends on its condition and the uniqueness of the style.

Modern Model
If you love the look of an antique claw-foot tub but want something newer, don't despair. There are manufacturers that still make the cast iron claw-foot tub. You can also purchase a new, acrylic claw-foot tub.

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