How to Decorate a Bath With a Claw-foot Tub
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How to Decorate a Bath With a Claw-foot Tub


How to Decorate a Bath With a Claw-foot Tub

Claw-foot bathtubs came into vogue during the Victorian era. Claw-foot tubs were a must have in the modern Victorian household as cleanliness found its place in polite society. Nowadays, bathrooms with claw-foot tubs have the feel of a bygone time. However, with the right accessories, claw-foot tubs can be a central part of a modern bathroom. Whether a tub takes on an antique look or a modern one really depends on the accessories used to enhance it.

1 Consider putting in some sort of platform under the bathtub. A raised stone platform would give the claw-foot a bit of a theatrical look, especially when enhanced by the right knickknacks. It also helps to make the tub the central focus of the room since it stands at a higher level than the rest of the items in the room.

2 Tile the walls around the tub with stone. A dark stone will make a light colored tub stand out, but almost any stone can be pretty. As an added bonus, a stone shelf for bathtub accessories could be built around the tub.

3 Position the tub in the corner of the bathroom or, better yet, create an alcove to house the claw-foot tub. This little nook can then be decorated with arrangements of tall dried flowers or lush plants like ferns.

4 Think about painting the base of the tub (see Resources). Leave the lip of the tub white for a nice contrast. This color can then be enhanced by towel, curtain and paint choices in the bathroom.

5 Pick the right towels. If you're going for a modern look, look for really plush, colorful towels. On the other hand, if it's the Victorian look you're after, go with linen damask towels all the way.

6 Buy a Victorian era chair and place it near the tub. This can hold towels or be a nice place to sit as you get dressed.

7 Install a shower head and shower rod. With claw-foot tubs, these kinds of curtain rods are usually circular and not only look pretty with an appropriate shower curtain, but add an air of privacy to any bath.

8 Remember that accessories make almost any space better. Adorn the space around the tub with Victorian era pictures, large mirrors, wall sconces and tall free-standing candles.

9 Bring a brass coatrack into the bathroom to hang bathrobes and towels on. Position it next to the tub.

10 Invest in good bathroom fixtures. If you're going for an antique look to enhance the Victorian feel of the claw-foot, then go with antique or antique reproduction bathroom fixtures. Otherwise, select fixtures that won't detract from the tub.

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