How to Paint Exterior Claw-Foot Tubs
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How to Paint Exterior Claw-Foot Tubs


How to Paint Exterior Claw-Foot Tubs

An antique claw-foot bathtub can be a beautiful addition to any bathroom renovation. By refinishing the tub, you can return it to its original splendor or it can be painted to work with even the most modern renovation. Finding the perfect claw-foot bathtub is frequently only the first step. Claw-foot enamel bathtub In many cases, the tub has been neglected over the years and must be repainted before it can be used.

1 Disconnect the water supply to the tub and move it to a garage or other large, well-ventilated area. Put a drop cloth down to catch any chemical spillage or any paint chips. Remove the valves, drain and overflow.

2 Remove the existing paint form the tub. There are a variety of ways to remove old paint, including chemical strippers, using an electrical sander or sandblasting. You can try a wire brush or manual sanding, but in most cases, a more expedient method is required due to the age of the paint. Regardless of the method you choose, remember to ventilate the area and wear safety glasses and a mask or respirator. Most old claw-foot tubs have lead-based paint on them, making the removal a safety issue.

3 Use a lacquer thinner and steel wool to thoroughly go over the tub to remove any remnants of paint, once the majority of the paint has been removed. Rinse the tub well. Use caution with the waste water, as it may contain chemicals or lead-based paint and must be disposed of properly.

4 Apply an acid-etch cleaner to the tub by squirting some over the top edge and letting it run down over the tub. Scour the tub with a scouring pad or 240-grit sandpaper and then rinse again with water. Pour a degreaser over the tub and scour again to remove any remaining dirt or corrosion. Rinse with water. Once dry, cover anything that you don't plan to paint, including the inside if you are just painting the exterior.

5 Spray the entire exterior of the tub with an adheser. The purpose of the adheser is to help the paint adhere to the tub. Follow manufacturer's instruction for how long you need to wait before applying the primer.

6 Apply the primer. Using a paint spray gun apply two or three coats of primer on the outside of the tub. Allow the primer to dry slightly between coats. Let the primer dry.

7 Apply the finish coat. Again, using the spray-gun apply three to four light coats of your finish paint, allowing the paint to dry slightly between coats.

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