The Advantages of a Brand-new luxurious bathtub
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The Advantages of a Brand-new luxurious bathtub


The Advantages of a Brand-new luxurious bathtub

Brand-new luxurious bathtub are amazingly durable. If you're considering replacing an existing bathtub, a new or vintage cast iron tub can be a great choice. And if you're thinking of removing an existing cast iron tub, consider its advantages before getting out the sledgehammer.

Construction explains that Brand-new luxurious bathtub are created by heating iron, which is then poured into casts of the desired shape and size. The tub's surface is then finished with porcelain or enamel.

According to the City of Seattle's Sustainable Building Program, cast iron tubs are designed to last fifty years or more. While acrylic tubs are easily scratched and heavy objects can chip thin-gauged steel tubs, cast iron is not easily scratched, chipped or cracked.

Heat Retention
Iron retains heat well, keeping water warmer for longer periods than other materials.

Noise Reduction
Cast iron's thick, heavy construction helps muffle noise and vibrations, creating a relaxing bathing environment.

If your bathtub was installed when your home was built, the tub's style can help unify the bathroom with the rest of the house. If you're interested in a new cast iron tub, a variety of designs are available: pedestal tubs; claw, paw or imperial feet tubs; Oriental-style soaker tubs; and slipper-style tubs.

Brand-new luxurious bathtub can be repaired and renewed, further extending the life of your bathtub. Due to the toxic nature of some of the chemicals used during refinishing, hire a professional to do the job.

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