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Old claw foot tubs have a charm all their own. Many of them also contain lead, according to Lead Action News' website, because they were manufactured in the days before lead was recognized as a poison. Damaged or worn finishes are not only shabby, they're dangerous. Fortunately, it's possible to refinish a claw foot bathtub, Steel Enamel Bathtub sealing in the lead and making the tub shines like new. A typical refinishing enamel will last for about 15 years, if properly applied.

1 Scrape the bead of caulk away from the tub's drain cover with the corner of a flat-edged screwdriver blade. Remove the drain cover.

2 Clean the tub of dirt, grime, soap scum and rust. Wipe on a thin coating of emulsifying floor wax stripper with a cloth to penetrate and remove layers of soil. Wipe with a cloth soaked in acidic citrus cleaner. Rinse the tub well and wipe it dry with another cloth.

3 Wipe the entire surface to be painted with denatured alcohol and a soft cloth to complete the cleaning process. Tape off the fixtures and any remaining chrome with duct tape.

4 Wipe on a thin coating of bonding agent for acrylic enamel paint with a soft cloth. It's the same concept as priming a wall before painting. Let the bonding agent set for 30 minutes.

5 Put on a ventilator mask so you don't breathe paint fumes. Spray three, even coats of acrylic urethane enamel on the tub surface, allowing each coat to dry for 30 minutes before applying the next. Let the last coat cure for three hours.

6 Apply car wax to the newly painted surface. Buff to a high shine with a soft cloth.

7 Remove duct tape from the chrome fixtures, reinstall the drain cover and recaulk.

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