What is Small Bathtub Size?
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What is Small Bathtub Size?


We all have our bathrooms as the smallest rooms in the house, but who says small can not be beautiful. So, to make our small bathrooms appealing and attractive we have the small bathtub size. The small bathtub size is a miniature bathtub designed to match the small space in many common bathrooms. All of us should immerse ourselves into this accessory called the small bath, which is small on size, doesn't take too much space, is also economical and of course, makes one's bath a pleasurable experience.


Small bathtub size is perfect where bathing is a must but space it very limited.  This small bath is practical, durable and attractive.  It is manufactured from top quality 5mm acrylic throughout and comes with a fully encapsulated baseboard.  Due to its small size taps cannot be deck mounted above the waste but instead a mono-block mixer can be corner mounted. Adjustable legs come with the bath making it easy to install.


Many of the sanitary wares stores also do feel pride in offering the world with this innovative technique of having your daily bath. They can be seen in the most lavish of hotel suites to many similar looking family bathrooms. But people from all over the world, from different age groups are impressed by it and want to possess it. Small bathtub size has now become as important in the bathroom as a sink!


5mm acrylic throughout
15mm thick encapsulated baseboard
UV stabilised acrylic preventing discoloration
Panels and waste are sold separately
No predrilled tap holes
Ideal position for a mono-block tap is in the corner



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