How to choose acrylic bathtub?
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How to choose acrylic bathtub?


Acrylic bathtub is the most commonly used material bathtub, the price is relatively popular; but because of uneven quality, the price is also a certain difference. Insiders suggest may be identified by the following method.

The first: look,smoothness and brightness

A variety of acrylic material on the market, the difference lies mainly in the material purity. Bathtub, made ​​of high-purity acrylic material have a high surface smoothness and brightness, the color of pure non-variegated.The bathtub which made in poor-quality of mixed acrylic material, Lower surface gloss and brightness, dull color, look carefully at bubbles or variegated will be produced due to the acrylic low levels.

The second: rub, Resolution purity

In addition, there are some the sanitary production enterprises to cut corners in order to save costs, Shoddy in production bathtub, produced only in the bathtub surface with a layer thickness of about 0.3 ~ 0.5mm acrylic plate, underneath with ABS material (a kind of engineering plastics ) filled. Suppress the bathtub pure acrylic plate, scratches or scratch repair can be polished, but if the surface is only a thin layer of acrylic panels can not be polished repair its durability to be a lot worse. Consumers buy bathtub by wiping repair to detect the thickness of the acrylic plate.

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