About the introduction of the cast-iron bathtub
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About the introduction of the cast-iron bathtub


Cast iron bathtub is made of cast iron, the surface covered with enamel, so it’s very weight,it’s not easy to generate noise when using. The casting process is quite complicated, so the general shape of the cast iron bathtub single price is very expensive.

The bathtub wall of Cast iron bathtub is thickness, so its salient features good insulation properties, Favored by the consumer part of a very high value insulation properties. but in fact the heat loss of a bathtub in the bath 90% through the surface of the water and air heat exchange and thermal radiation material bathtub not lost, only 10% of the heat loss through the cylinder; another, such as water injection and low noise, easy to clean, acid and chemicals, high gloss Acrylic become due to the shape of various material characteristics, etc. insurmountable advantage. Generally the price of cast iron bathtub is 2-3 times of acrylic bathtub.Their installer steps are the same as the sunken bathtub, just cast iron bathtub much heavier, but almost can once and for all, so is a good choice to buy cast iron bathtub.

The characteristics of the cast iron bathtub: cast iron and enamel are extremely durable material, the bathtub material it usually can be used for more than 50 years. The surface of cast iron bathtub glazing treatment at high temperatures, smooth and easy to clean.

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