The characteristics of acrylic bathtub
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The characteristics of acrylic bathtub


Observe carefully one acrylic bathtub, The front of the cylinder and a side have cove, and on the other side and the other side is not flat, contact with the wall directly. Reporters the bathtub pulled away from the wall, they can directly see the internal structure of the bathtub. The acrylic plate with a thickness of about 6-8 mm, no filler, only steel bracket support. According to sales staff, acrylic bathtub lighter than cast iron bathtub, only need stents can prevent bath rollover, do not need the filler. Directly on the steel frame of the bottom of the tub, and also to avoid the bottom of the vacant and being stepped leakage.

The acrylic ware manufacturing process to ensure that the entire process of clean production; acrylic materials with efficient recyclable characteristics, can effectively solve the problem of resource recycling, and to be able to maximize the use of resources, realize the circular economy and sustainable development fully meet the development trend of energy saving and environmental protection, but also fully embodies the production of corporate social responsibility!

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