Is cast iron bathtub really good?
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Is cast iron bathtub really good?


There are many kinds of bathtub, cast iron bathtub is not often mentioned. Its surface is covered with enamel, so it is heavier. Its biggest advantage is not produce noise, of course its production process is very complex, so that the price of your side. Is cast iron bathtub really good? Cast iron bathtub Its biggest feature is good insulation, a lot of consumer will take a fancy to it, so the sales are very impressive.

Its shortcoming is that the price is high. The color may be monotonous, and if you like bright friend, may not like the students bathtub seemed a bit for this component. Heavier, it is also a bit of trouble to install.

No matter what kind of bathtub, as long as suitable for them, the middle of the most difficult and most trouble is worth it. The so-called priceless heart to love, maybe the price is expensive for so little, but it's practical, durable, long after use, useful life. Often accompany such product quality assurance, but also allows the taste of home, improve a lot. Cast iron bathtub with the large-scale production and the technology continues to improve significantly reduced.

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