The installation of cast iron bathtub
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The installation of cast iron bathtub


Bathtub installed in such detail, it is easy for people to ignore the, that is the relationship of cast iron bathtub and around plane, façade.

Does the plane facing layer of bathtub around with bathtub plane intersect?

Is the bathtubs pressure on the facing layer?

From the standpoint of the use requirements, we think there is no doubt it is the latter.

If it is the first case, the sealing silicone of bathtub seal around is likely to be soaked in water for a long time, not long, the silicone will fall off, seal effect may be cut off forever, the below of bathtub is likely to be the "fish tank". The second method is covering the sealing silicone, the service life of bathtub is greatly extended. The problem is, almost everyone can see it, the first method is easy to installation and construction, install bathtub and then paving brick, easy save. The second method is to do bathtub box, and then paving tile final installation bathtub laborious time-consuming. If it is better acrylic material bathtub cast iron bathtub will suffer, simply can not be installed without the aid of special tools and methods.

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