Wash basin type selection
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Wash basin type selection


Wash basin type selection

Depending on the intended use and installation place, the basins are usually divided into several categories:

The wash basin with flanging. Edge upturned, and can be placed directly on the table. This style is cheap, easy to install on the table. The drawback is that easy possession of dirt, regularly clean between the basin and countertop.

, Lying into trial washbasins. Wash basin lying off the table and countertops to keep parallel. This basin and countertop is very good, easy to clean.

Undercounter wash basin. Install in countertops bottom. The edge of the table top is exposed, so to be on the edge processing and waterproof. Therefore, this type of wash basins is generally suitable for solid wood countertops or stone countertops.

Monolithic wash basin, abrasive style. It actually is part of the mesa. Stainless steel and solid wood countertops generally covers the whole vanity. Such wash basin looks beautiful, almost seamless.

Container wash basin. This is the vanity style in most of our people toilet. In fact it is the epitome of lavatory many years ago. The pots are placed in a good mouth opening, above the base of the container cover. The faucet is installed in the countertop side or wall.

Combined wash basin. Place on the table Ministry, looks like no bracket.

Wall-mounted wash basin. Mount directly on the highly suitable wall. Wall mounted wash basin between the wall bracket special closed in order to support.

Upright wash basin. To be mounted on the wall and decorative base to do the extra support.

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